5 Things to Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club

5 Things to Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club

If you have watched Sons of Anarchy then you must be thinking that to become a member of a motorcycle club you have to go through hazing, or some tough stages before being a patched member. Well, that’s partly true. It’s a hustle to join these groups. Definitely the shows don’t portray real-life scenarios as there is no hazing but, you got to earn your patch.

The reason behind the establishment of a club gives the club meaning. Culture and tradition of the community might influence the club as well as the bike models they ride. For instance, you have to be riding a Harley-Davidson to be a part of Hells Angels MC. Others are based on their riding style like racing or off-roading. But this is the easy part as you can always contact your motorcycle trader to get the required bike.

As a rider looking for some fun activities to engage in over the weekend, a motorcycle club gives you friends that share your interest. Here are some of the things you have to be aware of before joining a motorcycle club.

Stay away from the law breaking clubs

According to AMA all their affiliated clubs are 99% law-abiding citizens. In fact, most of them are major society contributors. However, this doesn’t mean that the clubs not associated with AMA are criminal gangs. Nevertheless, you have to sure that you aren’t engaging with one. Look for the 1% patch visible on the jackets of the non-member clubs.

Be patient

It will take years before you are a full-patched member. It doesn’t happen overnight. Actually, there is no guarantee that you will be one someday. Once you join a club, you become a hang-around. Then, you move to a prospect from there, full-patched members vote to determine your fate.

Never send an application to join

This is a total no-no. Look for a club member and ask them how to go about it.

Keep the golden rule

Which one? It rings the same in all MCs, “If you respect others, you’ll be respected in return, if you carry yourself around with respect, you will be treated with respect.” You are asking to join a brotherhood community that values respect and love as their binding force.

Be a law-abiding citizen

MC’s wear the 99% patch as proof that they highly regard the law. If you look at most FAQ sections for MC’s on ‘who can join the organization’ the 18 years of age and law abiding citizen clauses never lack. It’s only fair that you are like-minded people focused on the same course.

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